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2x sub Dynacord F18 PWH 24000 Kč

2x sub Dynacord F18 PWH

Prodám 2 pasivní plně funkční subwoofery Dynacord F18 PWH. Pouze osobní odběr v Domažlicích. Excelentní zvuk!!!

Impedance : 8 Ohms
Rated power capacity RMS : 500 Watts
Program power capacity : 1000 Watts
SPL 1W/1m : 103 dB Max. SPL 1m : 130 dB (calculated)
Frequency range ( -10 dB ) : 40 Hz - 2 kHz
Components Lo : EVX 180 A OEM # 349 397
Connections : 2 x Speakon connectors
Cabinet style : 18 mm poplar plywood 4 handles, 4 rubber feet 2 Speakerstand threaded flange Outfit : Needled felt surface black Powder-coated steel grid acoustic foam front Dimensions ( WxHxD ) : 606 x 760 x 1176 mm Weight : 53 kg

The F 18 PWH is concepted as a straight waveguide horn with a vented transducer cabinet. The recommended active x-over frequency 125 Hz, 18 dB/Oct. Butterworth. The 18" EVX 180A OEM loudspeaker chassis is reliably protected against critical power levels and short thermal overload by thermo switches and 4-way halogen lamp protection. The F 18 PWH cabinet is made of poplar plywood 18 mm. All corner joints and braces are grooved and glued. Braces are screwed additionally in order to reduce natural resonances to a minimum. The cabinet surface is finished in extremely resistant needled black-mottled felt. A powder-coated steel grid and an acoustic foam front protects the speaker front. The connector panel uses two 4-pole Speakon connectors (Input/Output) for safe connection and easy chaining to the next loudspeaker. The 4 handle trays on the sides guarantee easy and safe transport. 4 large-sized rubber feet and allow easy handling and safe stand. Two recessed speaker stand threaded flanges on the top allow various setups. Architects and engineers specifications F 18 PWH 18”
Cena: 24 000 Kč ~ 999,00 €
Lokalita: Domažlice
Hodnocení: +3 -0
Vloženo 16.9.2023 08:47 pod č.494606
Zobrazeno 5294x

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