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Baskytarista hledá kapelu / Bass player looki

Baskytarista hledá kapelu / Bass player looking band project

Hi there, I am looking for a good band or nice project to join in Prague or Prague surroundings.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself: 28 years. Playing the bass since my 15s, almost 10 years playing in bands. With my last 2 projects, we gig a lot and play a lot of shows.

Styles? I am very eclectic. My last years spite of listening and loving almost all genre and well-made music, I focus more on playing music easy to listen for the common people (non-musician) but well elaborated and trying to have catchy songs.

I am looking for non-amateur people who has experience in music. Although music is a disconnection and a passion for me, and I want to have a good time playing and knowing a few fellas. I like to take it seriously and as professionally as possible. I aim at that in this new project or band that I will join.

Non very fluent in Czech so I prefer English speakers (Spanish or Italian also welcome!)

I can send you some samples on the bands I was playing on the past. Just send me a WhatsApp message or email.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Lokalita: Praha 2
Hodnocení: +0 -0
Vloženo 2.10.2021 11:18 pod č.382835
Zobrazeno 530x

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