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Charvel Model 1 - Red - 1986 (JAPAN) 21000 Kč

Charvel Model 1 - Red - 1986 (JAPAN)

For all the Charvel lovers out there - Model 1 first year of production in excellent condition.
Best suited for Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative styles.
Non-Charvel Chainsaw hardshell case is in the price.

I'm open for exchange options for ESP, Greco, Tokai, Kramer, Jackson and other MIJs.

Description from
The Charvel Model 1 is a (super)strat guitar made in Japan in the eighties by the company Kyowa - Shokai under contract by IMC (International Music Corp). Grover Jackson chose a pointy headstock design that was popular among a new generation of guitar players. The Charvel Model 1 only has one humbucking pickup, the Jackson J90C. The neck is a Quarter-Sawn maple neck, with a compound radius 12"-16" maple finger board.
Body Material: Basswood
Neck Material: Maple
Fretboard: Maple
Bridge Pickup: Jackson J-90C

Youtube video is not of this guitar but it will give you the hint of the looks and quality.
More details and photos on request.

You can test the guitar at my place in Praha 4 (2-min walking from Novodvorská bus station, m. Kačerov).
Tube-amp with 1x12 cab or Yamaha THR10 at your disposal.
No obligations - try it and get it if you like, or just have some fun :-)

Please contact me via hudebnibazar, email or whatsapp/sms/telegram, I'm usually unavailable for voice calls.
Cena: 21 000 Kč ~ 895,70 €
Lokalita: Praha 4
Hodnocení: +3 -0
Vloženo 29.5.2023 22:06 pod č.488200
Zobrazeno 2317x

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