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Nord Electro 6 HP + SKB Keyboard Flight Case 46000 Kč

Nord Electro 6 HP + SKB Keyboard Flight Case

I am selling my Nord Electro 6 HP 73 with a very good flight case, as I am gonna invest into a new Mac and a MIDI keyboard instead.

I'm very sad to see it go, as it is a very good keyboard, but as there are no gigs happening at the moment, I want to invest my time into producing. It's a very light keyboard at it's 11.4 kgs, but still have a very nice hammer precision key bed. It is in very good shape. It has only been used in my studio, so never gigged with. Has one or two minor scrathes, but nothing that affects the performance of it.

You can contact me at for more info.

73 Keys with Nord Hammer Action Portable
Splitting and layering of all three sections
6 Split points with LED display
1 GB Memory for Nord Piano Library
512 MB Memory for Nord Sample Library
North C2D B3 Tone Wheel simulation
Principal Pipe Organ model
B3 Tone Wheel bass
Leslie 122 Simulation of the North C2D
Extended polyphony
Program selection with set-list function
Organise mode for rearranging programs and samples
Seamless transitions function
New dual-organ mode that allows quick access to two-manual setups
9 LED pull bar
Holder for optionally available Half-Moon switch from Nord
All effects in stereo
Tube Overdrive simulation
Vibe effect
Separate reverb and delay effects

x Line-Out 6.3 mm jack (L/R)
Monitor input 3.5 mm mini stereo jack
Headphone output
Input for control and sustain pedal
Input for Rotary Speaker Pedal
USB port (MIDI)
Dimensions: 1074 x 344 x 121 mm
Weight: 11.4 kg
Cena: 46 000 Kč ~ 1811,40 €
Lokalita: Praha 1
Hodnocení: +0 -0
Vloženo 8.6.2021 08:49 pod č.364080
Zobrazeno 1136x

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